ZAHARNI IZDELIA - VARNA Ltd. is a Bulgarian company established in 1998, entirely focused on manufacturing of bakery and confectionery products. It occured as a successor of company “SEMELA – Veselin Dimitrov”. The first products of the company are biscuits “Negrita” and pastry “Diana” which were very well accepted on the market and laid the beginning of the design and supply of a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. The first factory was purchased in 1999, and in 2003 a production was launched in a newly purchased facility in the town of Balchik where a large scale investment program for expansion and modernization in accordance with the requirements of international quality standards was implemented. At present the production facilities occupy 7000 square meters, represented by three workshops, warehouses „Raw materials” and „Finished goods”, as well as an office building. The company has its own office building and warehouse in Varna, as well as a large own fleet. The successful development of the company would not be possible without the active and dedicated support of the people. Currently the company employs over 500 employees engaged in production, administration and marketing.

Today ZAHARNI IZDELIA - VARNA Ltd. is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products. For the detention and further validation of this position the company focuses on studying the fundamental principles of company philosophy: using its own sales representatives in all major regions, long-term co-operation with serious and trusted distributors, creating a warehouse in Sofia, building a trusted business-relationships with retailers represented in Bulgaria. For several years, ZAHARNI IZDELIA - VARNA Ltd. has been wholly transformed from a local producer in a company presented more stably also on the international markets. At present the company exports successfully its products in Germany, Greece, France, Macedonia, Cyprus, Romania, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Kosovo, Turkey, Libya, Thailand, Israel, USA, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. The company produces 17 products for retail chain Kaufland with its own brand for 6 European countries and for the retailer METRO - 3 products with its own brand for 4 European countries. The company cooperates directly with all national and international chains present on Bulgarian market and namely: Metro, Kaufland, Billa, Carrefour, Lidl, Europe, Plus, Mercator, CBA, etc. The company was certified by:

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, September 2005 ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems Requirements) International Food Standard (IFS), Version 5, August 2007 Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 5: January 2008